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  • Recessed fixtures with springs (1W - 5W)
  • Projectors (1W - 18W)
  • Projectors (21W - 35W)
  • Fine jewellery lighting
  • Appliques and suspensions
  • Linear fixtures
  • Trim - Trimless downlights (6W - 45W)
  • Recessed fixtures with ring nut
  • Recessed fixtures with housing
  • Step lights
  • Task lighting
  • Floor lamps
  • Semi-recessed fixtures
  • Culus listed
  • RGB
  • Driverless technology
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  • IP40
  • IP55
  • IP52
  • IP67 front - IP40 rear
Culus listed

UL listing is a dynamic process.

The list of cULus listed fixtures is not limited, and we keep certifying our products if it is worthwhile for a particular project.

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